Young Buck cannot continue making these weak ass 50 Cent disses.

As you may know, Young Buck and 50 Cent are currently engulfed in beef. On the real, I am still figuring out how real it is, because both of them are moving weird as s**t in it. Anyway, late last week, Young Buck dropped “Foofy Freestyle” for us, and on it, he went at 50 Cent’s neck rather delicately. Today, the Nashville native decided to release “The Story of Foofy,” and once again, he sounds tranquil and polite (What the f**k is going on?)

Other than the instrumental, I like nothing about this song. In my opinion, there’s too many unclear thoughts, weird ass flows and laid-back feels from Young Buck on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the tea dude spills when it comes to him talking about Vivica Fox putting things up 50’s ass and s**t (Among other things), but that tea is very short-lived. I need more sick ass stories, Buck!

If I am 50 Cent, I respond to none of these Young Buck beef records.