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For The Love Of Music, Vol. 1: Happier by Ed Sheeran Pulled Me Out of My Misery

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Whoever said that “music is food for the soul” was not mistaken at all. They might have felt some music in the deepest part of their being. It must have happened to you as well. It has happened to me, and my story is a lot bigger than ordinary.

There is this song called “Happier” by Ed Sheeran; one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. (Well, anything by Ed Sheeran is a masterpiece. The guy is a genius) You might wonder what the song has got to do with addiction, especially since it’s about a breakup.



You see; That’s the joy about music. It is very versatile and you can interpret or perceive it in whichever way you like. To me, “Happier” is some sort of a real-life story. It made me realize how one’s own drug addiction inflicts pain on the loved ones around them.

I decided to work on my alcohol addiction when my girlfriend of 5 years walked out on me. She found someone else who gave her the attention she so much deserved. For the latter part of our relationship, she had tried so much to help me get better.

Her leaving was a wake-up call, and more so when I saw how happy she was in someone else’s arms, I realized how much my own problems had made her miserable. I decided to pull off the addiction. I would do it for the other loved ones around me, if not for myself.



It’s been one year since my girl left, and I embarked on a journey to get better. I have been sober for over 12 months now. I listen to the song almost every day, and it gives me renewed vigor to keep pushing on.

I, in particular, love the lyrics where he sings that they both looked so happy after he made her laugh.

These describe my exact situation. I watched my girl in another man’s arms, and he made her laugh. I remembered how everything I said when she was with me somehow annoyed her. I realized she had found happiness away from me, and the thought of other loved ones such as my parents and siblings pulling away from me was unbearable. I was determined to ensure everyone around me, found happiness and a reason to rejoice for being with me.

Music is one of the most powerful things in the world. It inspires dreams, relationships, ideals, and customs. Everyone has that piece of music that makes them feel whole again. If anyone is asking; Yes! Music can help you deal with any sort of addiction. It appeals to a part of the heart and soul that nothing else possibly can.

Recovering from drug addiction requires zeal and determination. It is about setting goals and working towards them. Good music can help inspire your goals and motivate you to work hard towards achieving them. Anything that motivates toward getting sober is just as important as the alcohol treatment itself.


This article was written by a contributor to the site named Patrick Bailey. To share your own story or article about how music has changed your life, fill out this contact form and we will do what we can to get your story heard!

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