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Le Primetime, Khousion & YNG DNZ Get Unadulterated In “Crazy Over You”


Le Primetime, Khousion & YNG DNZ want to do some freaky things to those girls that think it’s a ‘Hot Girl Summer.’

In my opinion, the best kind of hip-hop track is one that is smooth, melodic and raw. “Crazy Over You” is all three of those things, which as a result, makes it one of the hottest hits this summer.

With “Crazy Over You” boasting this uptempo, yet smooth instrumental, Le Primetime shines bright, gifting us with an outstanding performance that has him harmonizing soulfully, flowing fantastically, and most importantly, showing absolutely no chill when it comes to talking about giving his woman some good ass loving. From there, featured guests Khousion and YNG DNZ grab the baton, documenting their own bedroom stories utilizing infectious melodies and gritty lyrics. When you combine all three of the fellas’ verses together (Along with the dope ass hook Le Primetime puts together), what you get is a summertime smash that has replay-ability written all over it.

I don’t give a damn what any of ya’ll say, this song is hotter than the girl in the single artwork attached to it (OK, maybe that’s a stretch, that girl is fine as s**t! This song is hella fire, though!).



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