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A$AP Ferg – Floor Seats (Album Review)

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A$AP Ferg holds down his mob in the explosive “Floor Seats.”




3. WAM

For some very odd reason, A$AP Ferg and MADEINTYO work really well together!

“Wam” is powered by this video-game like instrumental that has its fair-share of hard-hitting elements attached to it. Over this instrumental, Ferg and MADEINTYO go back and forth on some reckless s**t, literally coming across like two Monty Maxs that has bad b*tches, stolen money and luxurious items in their vicinity.

While listeners will love the energy both rappers bring to “Wam,” its overall goofiness will probably throw you off a bit.

Ferg and MADEINTYO should have their own Cartoons.




I am completely OK with hearing a version of A$AP Ferg that is belligerent and ready to shut a club down with pure grittiness. Thankfully, this is the version of Ferg we get on “Floor Seats,” as he both smoothly and erratically ramrods his way through this high-octane instrumental talking about mobbing, smashing chicks and flossing.

Though I’m not in a setting where I can rage, I still got a chance to kick the hell out of my office chair while listening to “Floor Seats!”




“PUPS” is my s**t! Matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite true rap tracks from 2019 thus far.

“Pups” is a grungy banger that has both A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg going back and forth on some flashy, braggadocios and gangsta s**t over this updated version of DMX’s “Get At Me Dog” beat. As expected, Rocky brings tricky flows and outstanding wordplay to the song, while Ferg relies on his signature boisterous approach of rapping to catch our attention.

You know what, I think I just like DMX’s “Get At Me Dog” beat way too much…


1. FLOOR SEATS (4/5)

2. JET LAG (3.5/5)

3. WAM (3.5/5)

4. WIGS (2.5/5)

5. BUTT NAKED (2/5)

6. PUPS (4.5/5)

7. HUMMER LIMO (3/5)

8. RIDE (3.5/5)





It always feels like a party when A$AP Ferg is cooking up music. In “Floor Seats,” that party is as crazy as it gets, as Ferg delivers something for us that is wildly unchained and slightly gritty.

You know what’s funny? A$AP Ferg is actually a solid rapper! Does he drop serious knowledge in his lyrics? Not at all, but I like how he commands respect on whatever beat he’s on, and most importantly, I like his animation. Ferg doesn’t bore you on “Floor Seats” at all, mainly because he comes across as your favorite cereal mascot throughout it (N***a definitely reminded me of the Trix bunny like s**t on this album). Who doesn’t like being entertained by a cereal mascot?

I really hated the f**king hooks on “Floor Seats.” Not only were a bunch of them way too goofy for my liking (Especially “Floor Seats’ hook), but plenty of them were way too predictable, too. If some of the hooks on this album were simply solid, I would’ve liked a bunch of the songs even more.

I loved the instrumentals on “Floor Seats!” They were bass-heavy, explosive, cartoonish, and at times, unapologetic-ally NY-sounding. I swear, throughout listening to this album, I bopped my head ’til that s**t started to hurt.

The features on “Floor Seats” were so-so, to me. I enjoyed both Rico Nasty and A$AP Rocky’s contributions on their respective tracks, thought Ty Dolla $ign and Brent Faiyaz were solid on their tracks, and thought Asian Doll was awful in “Wigs.” (What I just described is so-so, right?)

A$AP Ferg’s energy has carried him pretty far in his career, but at this point, it’s no longer moving me like it used to. Throughout “Floor Seats,” Ferg relies way too much on his energy, and the end-result is a bit of a messy album that sounds forced and outdated. With that being said, I believe “Floor Seats” is a lot of fun to listen to, especially if you can stomach young people noise.

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