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Wiz Khalifa Gets His R&B On In “Have Fun”

Wiz Khalifa could hold a note whenever he feels like, folks!

Wiz Khalifa is on a roll (Sorta like sesame seeds are). In the last two weeks, he’s dropped eleven songs, and each of them has taken on a different kind of tone. In “Have Fun,” the Pittsburgh rapper decided to dabble in some authentic R&B s**t, reminding the world that gangstas could hold notes, too!

“Have Fun” features a sappy ass instrumental that I believe will make n***as in the bando upchuck. Over this instrumental, Wiz sings his ass off about letting his main chick know that he’s serious about loving on her (minus any drama). While the melody Wiz delivers on this song isn’t half-bad, I do believe his attempt at sounding like the second-coming of Jacquees is a failure.

Chevy Woods is featured on “Have Fun,” and to a certain extent, he saves it. No, he doesn’t try to sing his ass off like Wiz; instead, he drops a real n***a verse that features sly ass lyrics about treating our women right when he gets his stab at them. (The nerve of this n***a!)

Eleven songs in two weeks, Wiz? N***a, do you have lyrical diarrhea?



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