Mike Posner Continues His Walk Across The US With “Legacy”

Welcome back, Mike! I knew that snake bite couldn’t hold you down!

Mike Posner has been a pretty interesting musician these last couple of years. Not only has he changed his appearance, but it seems like the music he’s been making as of late has been a lot more inspiring than braggadocios. With that being said, in “Legacy,” the red-haired singer was able to create something as inspirational as it gets.

“Legacy” is powered by this serene instrumental that begs listeners to sit back and smoke a joint. Over this instrumental, Mike Posner sings gently and raps confidently about finding a way to live life grandiose through both self-determination and self-assurance. (That’s deep, right?)

Talib Kweli is featured in “Legacy,” and as expected, he drops an amazing verse! On it, he follows in Mike Posner’s inspirational path, discussing the importance of being a role model, finding peace, and establishing a legacy. As usual, Talib spits like an absolute pro on the song, gifting us with a consistent, yet complex flow, and clever punchlines.

I love what Mike Posner is doing, but on the real, he looks like he smells like expired milk on the video up top.




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