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Wiz Khalifa Keeps The Hits Coming With “I Can’t Stay”

Wiz is one smooth muthaf**ka!

Wiz Khalifa’s love for making music has certainly shown its face as of late. In the last month, he’s released over 15 different tracks; with each of them giving off different type of vibes. Today, the Pittsburgh rapper keeps his hot streak going by releasing the extremely smooth “I Can’t Stay.”

To be honest with you, I couldn’t stay awake while listening to “I Can’t Stay.” Not only does it feature drowsy vibes, but the style of singing you get by Wiz Khalifa on the song is also a bit soporific. Nonetheless, Wiz’s sly lyrics about smashing chicks, smoking on something good, and hitting up the studio to make something hot on his verses will make the song strike a chord with you.

Wiz literally sounds like he just woke up on this song…




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