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Trippie Redd Opens Up In “Love Me More” (Review)

I love when Trippie Redd sings like he’s at a Vietnamese Karaoke in his music!

On some real s**t, Trippie Redd is one of the most talented artists in the game right now. Not only do I feel like his pen game is slept on, but I also believe he doesn’t get enough credit for being fearless in his music. In “Love Me More,” we get a version of Trippie that is as fearless as a Waffle House employee who is slated to work a late shift, as on the track, he sings his heart out about finding a love that can hold him tight throughout his good, bad and ugly moments.

While the topic behind “Love Me More” might make n***as in the bando throw up, I think the song is too infectious to pass up on (Especially when it comes to the melody Trippie gifts us with throughout).

Why are Trippie’s music videos so horrible (Am I the only one that notices that?)?



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