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weednbeat Spazzes On “F0ck All U Haters”


weednbeat is simply being honest with his haters on this song, so how can you be mad at him?

“F0ck All U Haters” is one of those rebellious anthems listeners will love! For starters, the track is powered by this sinister instrumental that probably has a ski mask on and carries a chainsaw. Over this instrumental, weednbeat lets loose, rapping brashly about his come-up, counting money, and his knack for stiff-arming opps.

You have to love how “F0ck All UHaters” is mixed. On the hook, you get weednbeat’s simple “f**k all you haters” lyrics practically force-fed to you over and over again, while on the beat, you get s**t that starts and stops more times than a wide receiver. All in all, I enjoy the erratic energy this song gives off as a whole!

F**k haters! Also, f**k snitches, too!




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