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NLE Choppa & Roddy Ricch Unite For “Walk ‘Em Down”


NLE Choppa & Roddy Ricch


NLE Choppa and Roddy Ricch continue to apply pressure on the rap game with the release of “Walk Em Down.”

NLE Choppa’s time is now. After releasing the sneaky-good Cottonwood, he’s had his foot on the gas. Today, NLE has decided to drop an explosive new banger featuring Roddy Ricch called “Walk Em Down.”

“Walk Em Down” is an explosive song, but it isn’t uber ferocious-sounding. Don’t get me wrong, on it, NLE and Roddy talk violent s**t throughout; however, they use melodic approaches rapping-wise. Nonetheless, I think the song is one that can give you a well-needed energy boost (N***a, this quarantine s**t got me bored).

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