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Drake Finally Releases “Toosie Slide”




Drake tries to start a new dance crave with “Toosie Slide.”

Drake has to be in a really good space right now. Not only did he let us see the kid he was hiding the world from earlier this week, but he also tested negative for COVID-19 and got a co-sign from Oprah Winfrey for his “Oprah’s Bank Account” hit last week. Today, the Canadian musician has decided to keep the good times rolling by dropping a hot new single called “Toosie Slide.”

“Toosie Slide” is a f**king hit! For starters, the song features this sly-ass instrumental that has a nice little bop attached to it. As for Drake, he shows off his ability to be a dance instructor, a go-getter, a trill-n***a, and a playa on the song. He also reminds the world that he is the best at sounding like a singer that wants to flirt with rapping.

Unfortunately, we may have to wait months before we get to do the ‘Toosie Slide’ in the club…


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