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YB Linkz Gets S**t Poppin On “Drop It”


YB Linkz, A. Vinchi & K. Reef


“Drop It” is off of YB Linkz’s new mixtape “YB Linkz MixTape.”

YB Linkz is one of the most versatile musicians in the game. Not only is he capable of spitting serious bars, but he also knows how to incorporate electro, club, and r&B elements into his music. YB Linkz MixTape, the Brooklyn native’s latest offering, is a body-of-work that features bangers that are exhilarating, raps that are trill, and melodies that are memorable. One of my favorite songs from YB Linkz MixTape is “Drop It” with A. Vinchi & K Reef.

“Drop It” features a club beat that straddles the line between hard-hitting and sly. Over it, YB Linkz hits us with melodies that are infectious and bars that are raunchy. As for both A. Vinchi & K Reef, they do a great job of finishing off “Drop It” with verses that are grungy, dynamic, and spicy.

Listen to “Drop It” at the top of the page. Also, stream YB Linkz’s new mixtape, YB Linkz MixTape HERE!







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