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Ajay Brown Celebrates His Come Up On “Real Situations”

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AJay Brown


Ajay Brown has put in some major work these last couple of years.

Ajay Brown is someone that is easy to root for. Not only can he rap his ass off, but he also shows boatloads of passion in his music. Real Situations, Brown’s latest body-of-work, features music that anyone who calls themself a hustler can relate to.

One of the main singles off of Real Situations is actually named after the album. “Real Situations” is soulful, motivational, and uplifting. On the song, Ajay Brown hits us with both gritty and melodic bars over this emotional trap beat. He also gifts us with lyrics about overcoming odds, praising GOD, and putting haters in the dirt.

I swear, “Real Situations” makes me want to hustle harder than I did yesterday.



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