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Michael Hanke & Seanny S. Tone Join Forces For “Time And Again”

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Michael Hanke & Seanny S. Tone

On “Time And Again,” Michael Hanke and Seanny S. Tone rap and sing about the ins-and-outs that go into a dysfunctional relationship.

Michael Hanke and Seanny S. Tone are both established models and up-and-coming musicians. While the latter knows how to sing his butt off, the former is capable of spitting bars that are harder than left out Italian bread. Today, Hanke and Tone decided to drop “Time and Again” — a collaboration song that caters to both of their strengths.

“Time And Again” is powered by a beat that straddles the line between smooth and hard-hitting. Over it, Seanny S. Tone gifts us with contributions that are melodic, forceful, and deep, while Michael Hanke gifts us with rap verses that are blunt and candid. Throughout the song, you’re going to love how the two musicians come across like individuals who legitimately sound frustrated by the rollercoaster ride that their respective partners have taken them on. (You have to appreciate musicians that don’t mind talking about their personal business in their music)

The line between love and lust is so thin, you can cut it with a kitchen knife…





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