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Larry D. Hawkins Reaches For Success On “CAPITALIZE”

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Larry D. Hawkins


Don’t stand in your own way!

“Capitalize” by Larry D. Hawkins contains meaningful lyrics and a hard-hitting beat. Within the first few seconds of listening to the song, you will relax your mind and nod your head violently.

“Capitalize,” as stated by Larry D. Hawkins, is a song about capitalizing on the opportunities that are presented to you. Below is a quote that he made in regards to the song:

Sometimes in life, you miss callings and opportunities that are right in front of our faces. Sitting by watching others succeed as if we are not worthy. You begin to feel lost and become distant from friends and family. That’s when you realize that in order to change this downward spiral, you must find what your passion is and what you can do for the rest of your life and learn to capitalize on every opportunity that God presents to you.

The main lyrics that Larry D. Hawkins repeats on “Capitalize” is, “I’m just trying to capitalize on this life that I’m leading.” Lyrics like that should make you feel inspired. It is rare for hip-hop songs to evoke positive feelings these days, so we must give Larry D. Hawkins his props!

Hold tight, “Capitalize” will be out on all major streaming services soon!



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