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Lil Keed – Trapped In Cleveland 3 (Album Review)


Lil Keed goes off on the highly anticipated “Trapped In Cleveland 3.”





“Trippin” is one of the best club bangers on Trapped In Cleveland 3.

Since “Trippin'” features a bass boomin’ beat, on the song, you get a version of Lil Keed that is amped up, competitive, violent, and erratic. Usually, I try my hardest not to step on the sneakers of dudes that sound like he does on this song when I’m in the club.




No, “ZAZA” is not dedicated to NBA legend Zaza Pachulia.

“ZAZA” features a trap beat that is both hypnotizing and hard-hitting. Over it, Lil Keed lets the world know that he’s bout that life using three different styles of rapping. He also lets the world know that he loves taking ecstasy when he parties (Oh, trust me, I can tell that your wacky-ass takes ecstasy, Keed)

Future absolutely murders “ZAZA!” On the song, he switches between a gritty rapper and a fearless singer. He also switches between a heartbreaker and a cold-hearted killer.

Did Future just say he was bigger than Jesus? (Is this dude crazy?)



4. FOX 5

What ya’ll know about Fox 5 DC!?

“FOX 5” is so good, they tried to shoot Gunna and Lil Keed for making it! On the song, you get to hear two of hip-hop’s biggest mumblers in the game go back and forth on some woman-snatching/weed-smoking/gun-toting s**t. You also get a chance to hear the two rappers flow impeccably over a beat that has some serious bass attached to it.




Young Thug and baby Young Thug join forces for “Kiss Em Peace.”

Of course, “Kiss Em Peace” is one of the most unique songs on Trapped In Cleveland 3! Anytime Young Thug and Lil Keed link up, they push boundaries and break glasses. Anyways, on the song, we are blessed with a colorful trap beat, silky smooth vocal performances, interesting melodies, and some of the most effortless bragging I’ve ever heard in my life. All in all, if you are in need of a comforting trap banger to play when you’re on vacation, “Kiss Em Peace” is it!




Lil Keed and Travis Scott turn up on “Wavy (Remix).”

I didn’t know that a song called “Wavy” by Lil Keed existed… I’ll tell you this, though: I know the song exists now that Travis Scott hopped on the remix to it!

From the moment you press play on “Wavy (Remix),” you will nod your head. The song features a beat that is way too tenacious to ignore, verses by Lil Keed that are too exhilarating to ignore, and a verse by Travis Scott that is too hypnotizing to snap out of. All in all, I want to hear “Wavy (Remix)” in a club that is not supposed to be open as soon as tomorrow!




Lil Keed and Lil Baby put up fantastic performances on “She Know.”

“She Know” is a melodic banger. Throughout the song, Lil Keed and Lil Baby bless us with silky smooth vocal performances, impressive rap flows, and lyrics that ballers, heartbreakers, and bosses can relate to. All in all, “She Know” is a certified/unadulterated hit!

Lil Baby is literally on every rapper’s album these days.


1. INTRO (2/5)

2. OBAMA COUPE (3/5)

3. TRIPPIN (3/5)

4. TIGHTEN UP (2/5)

5. KISS EM PEACE (4/5)

6. FOX 5 (4/5)

7. COLD WORLD (3/5)

8. SHE KNOW (4/5)

9. WAVY (REMIX) (4/5)

10. TRAPLANTA (3/5)

11. DON’T STOP (3/5)

12. HIBACHI (3/5)

13. REPAID (2/5)

14. TWISTED (3/5)


16. ZAZA (3/5)

17. WHY (2/5)

18. HERE (3/5)




First and foremost, let me say this: Nobody wants to hear eighteen songs by Lil Keed. We as human beings do not have an attention span that can listen to his type of music for longer than thirty minutes. OK, let’s carry on with the review!

On the real, I think Lil Keed is an awful rapper. He sounds way too wacky, way too erratic, way too outlandish, and way too squeaky to take seriously. At the same time, I think that Keed is very entertaining. With that being said, on Trapped In Cleveland 3, he blesses us with all kinds of trap bangers — we’re talking trap bangers that are trill (“ZAZA”), trap bangers that sound exotic (“Kiss Em Peace”), trap bangers that sound sly (“FOX 5”), and trap bangers that sound outlandish (“Tighten Up”). He also experiments with out-of-this-worldly melodies, he sings daringly, he hits us with gangsta-ass bars, and he picks some of the most interesting trap beats to rap over. No, Trapped In Cleveland 3 isn’t the best album I’ve ever heard, but by golly, it’s one of the most creative! (USA, USA, USA!)

Yo, how did this dude get trapped in Cleveland three times? Does his layover flights keep getting canceled?

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