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Phillip Gilchrist Glows On “Song On The Radio”

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Phillip Gilchrist


Phillip Gilchrist has a new EP on the way.

Phillip Gilchrist is a talented singer/songwriter from South Carolina. On his latest single, “Song On The Radio,” he impresses quite a bit.

Phillip Gilchrist talks about the moment he and his girlfriend’s eyes first connected on “Song On The Radio.” As for sonically, the beat and melody that you hear on the song are infectious and will make your body move. The song also boasts old school pop vibes that are perfect for mainstream radio (No pun intended).

What I love about “Song On The Radio” is that it is a love song, but at the same time, it is not super lovey-dovey. Phillip did a really good job of straddling the line between the two different sounds. There is definitely a specific demographic that will fall in love with “Song On The Radio.”

Listen to the very catchy “Song On The Radio” at the top of the page!



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