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Drake & Lil Durk Unite For “Laugh Now Cry Later”


Drake & Lil Durk


You get vintage Drake on “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

Drake is back and better than ever! Today, he has decided to release “Laugh Now Cry Later” — a song that sounds like it was made in the early 2010s.

I’m going to be honest with you, I’ve been trying to convince myself that I like Drake’s latest releases… With that being said, I really do like “Laugh Now Cry Later!” Not only do I f**k with the song’s heroic beat, but I also like how Drake switches between soulful and gritty singer. As for Lil Durk, I like how he sounds like a young brat that knows how to create solid melodies on the song. I also like how the two rappers stick their chests out like Janet on the song.

Lil Durk is about to be introduced to a brand new audience.

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