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DIsclosure Grabs Kehlani & Syd For “Birthday”


Disclosure, Kehlani & Syd

OVERALL RATING  (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“Birthday” by Disclosure, Kehlani, and Syd is such a great gift.

I like it when rap artists try their hand at singing, but there’s nothing like an authentic R&B jam! Today, a song called “Birthday” has hit the net, and it features vintage R&B performances by Kehlani and SYD (90s vintage to be more specific).

“Birthday” reminds me of the music that my big sister used to force me to listen to back in the day. It’s Brandy and Monica-Esque, it’s very girly, it’s seductive, and it features some very unique vibes. The song also features complex melodies and lyrics that people who have a relationship status that reads ‘It’s Complicated’ on their Facebook page will absolutely love.

This “Birthday” song makes me want to look at my old WordUp! magazines.

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