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YoungBoy Never Broke Again – TOP (Album Review)

YoungBoy Never Broke Again holds absolutely nothing back on “TOP.”





I bet YoungBoy Never Broke Again doesn’t know that Snoop Dogg’s full name is Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Throughout “Callin,” YoungBoy Never Broke Again lets the world know how he’s living, what irritates him, and what motivates him using both a subdued and ferocious style of rapping. As for Snoop Dogg, he hits us with one of his best verses in a while! Not only does he talk big s**t, but he also hits us with some pretty impressive rap flows.




YoungBoy Never Broke Again lets his heart bleed on “To My Lowest.”

YoungBoy Never Broke Again sounds heartbroken on “To My Lowest.” Throughout the song, he sings passionately about a woman he was messing with that did him beyond dirty. While it’s kind-of awkward listening to the 20-year-old rapper talk about some s**t a 36-year-old would talk about when it comes to relationships, at the end of the day, pain is pain.

There are moments on “To My Lowest” in which NBA YoungBoy sounds almost identical to Polo G.




I absolutely love the hook that you hear on “All In” (It is beyond hypnotizing).

I also like how YoungBoy Never Broke Again dishes out deep-ass lyrics about his kids, his lean addiction, and his violent thoughts in “All In.” YoungBoy’s fearless singing/rapping on the song is the icing on the cake.

I almost drowned in All In’s water.



3. I’M UP

“I’m Up” is a smooth banger that has a little bit of a crazy side.

“I’m Up” is powered by a soothing trap beat, impeccable flows, memorable melodies, and trill-ass lyrics. If DaBaby was added to the song, I would love it!




“Kacey Talk” is a braggadocios banger that features NBA Youngboy and his son.

I absolutely love the vibes that “Kacey Talk” boasts! Not only is the song powered by this colorful trap beat, but you also get a style of singing/rapping by YoungBoy Never Broke Again that straddles the line between gentle and grungy. The song also features an extremely catchy hook and a few whines from Kacey (His son) towards the end.

Don’t you love it when musicians put kids on their songs?




YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Lil Wayne drop serious bars on “My Window.”

Growing up, I never understood why Cash Money didn’t do songs with No Limit. I don’t know if New Orleans and Baton Rouge had a beef with one another back then, but that s**t never made sense, to me. Anywho, NBA YoungBoy (A dude from Baton Rouge) and Lil Wayne (A dude from New Orleans) decided to join forces for “My Window.”

“My Window” features nothing but passionate bars by both NBA Youngboy and Lil Wayne. While the former hurls his bars out like a rogue gospel singer, the latter hurls his bars out like an auctioneer. All in all, I love the chemistry that YoungBoy and Lil Wayne show on this song a lot!



2. CROSS ROADS (3/5)



5. DIRTY STICK (3/5)

6. KACEY TALK (4/5)

7. MY WINDOW (3/5)

8. I’M UP (3/5)

9. OFF SEASON (3/5)

10. ALL IN (4/5)

11. DEAD TROLLZ (2/5)

12. FUCK YA (2/5)

13. BIG BANKROLL (2/5)

14. BOOM (2/5)

15. REAPER’S CHILD (3/5)


17. STICKS ON ME (3/5)


19. TO MY LOWEST (3/5)

20. PEACE HARDLY (3/5)

21. CALLIN (3/5)




YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s music keeps getting more and more erratic…

Throughout TOP, you get moments in which YoungBoy Never Broke Again sounds drunk, severely high, deranged, troubled, depressed, and confused. You can tell that he tried his hardest to give the world his raw emotions on the album. At times, that strategy works; other times, it backfires.

I’ll be lying to you if I told you that NBA YoungBoy’s music sounds well-crafted. While listening to TOP, your eardrums will be bombarded by zany melodies, lyrics that sound like they were written by a bipolar person, and some of the most outlandish rap deliveries known to man. With that being said, every single song on the album sounds action-packed, riveting, and dramatic. If you are someone that grew up enjoying Demolition Derbys, I have good news for you: TOP is the music version of a Demolition Derby! (FYI, I am not a fan of Demolition Derbys)

18 thoughts on “YoungBoy Never Broke Again – TOP (Album Review)

  1. His best album imo, despite it still being average. Track 1-14 weren’t that great (My window was good though) but he turned it up with #15. Reapers child is easily the best song I have ever heard from NBA young boy. Unlike most of the tracks on the album, the triplet rhythm on the beat paired with the final fantasy type melody gave me goosebumps. Plus he wasn’t offbeat in this track. Wear your bamboo hat, buy a samurai sword, and give the song a second chance.

    1. Very interesting take! I definitely agree that he turned it up at the end. (“I’m Up” and “Kacey Talk” are listenable) Frfr, I’m being nice by even giving the album a C grade… (I stopped +’s and minuses. If I could, I would give this album a D+)

      Man, I love your description of “Reapers Child!” I would say this: The song definitely stood out to me and know that’s a song that people are really messing with; I thought it was just as OK as the other songs. But I definitely will listen to it with my Samurai Jack hat on 😂!

  2. Top 5:
    1. Reaper’s child (4.5/5)
    2. My window (3/5)
    3. I’m up (3/5)
    4. Cross roads (3/5)
    5. Right foot creep (3/5)

    Every other song is tied for bottom 5 lol. The worst track imo is the last backyard.

  3. Decent album:
    Favorite tracks: I’m Up, My Window, Reaper’s Child, Dead Trollz, Cross Roads, Callin, Piece Hardly
    Least favorite track: Murder Business

    1. I love you guys and definitely appreciate your opinion, but I personally think “Reaper’s Child” is aight 🤷🏾‍♂️.

      1. If you look at YouTube, you’ll see that 95% of people think that it’s the best track on the album. I guess a select few will think otherwise but is all good.

      2. That’s true, a lot of people say they mess with the song. Definitely will keep listening to it and letting it click. (One day it might click with me randomly lol) You gotta show me that youtube link, I didn’t know there was a place to see polls.

        BTW, I still don’t like “Richard Millie Plain,” so sometimes fan favorites never click with me LOL.

      3. It’s funny, the way you guys feel about “Reaper” is how I feel about “Kacey Talk.” How come no one messes with Kacey Talk like that? lol

  4. I liked reapers child track only because I’m biased towards beats with flute beats and shii. I guess I’ve played too much Zelda or watch naruto, but if there is a track with a flute. It’s almost a guaranteed top 3 song for me. Examples include Roddy Rich’s peta and boom boom room, as well as bora bora by lil durk. Kacey talk is aight but it ain’t no match for naruto’s beat.

    1. Yooooo, literally my boy said the same thing. It’s clear that there is a sound that rappers like to go to. Great comment! BTW, hell yea a lot of rap producers clearly messed with Zelda because I hear influences from Zelda all the time. Haha

  5. Solid B+ album. If you don’t rock with this album then you don’t rock with YB. He’s his own genre of music and you either love it or hate it and based on the replies here I can see that this comment section is full of people who aren’t fans. My Window, House Arrest Tingz, Peace Hardly, Reaper’s Child, To My Lowest, Kacey Talk, All In, Cross Roads, Right Foot Creep, Drug Addiction, and Dead Trollz are all considered great by him. Matter of fact, Cross Roads is considered by many YB fans to be one of his best songs of all time. I recommend you listen to his older shit before his newer shit if you’re tryna get into the YB vibe.

    1. Good take for sure. I think this is definitely an album YB fans will love. I’m a little harsh when it comes to grades, so it didn’t quite meet B+ material to me, but it did meet at least decent material.

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