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Noodah05 & Lil Baby Unite For “Wild Child”


Noodah05 & Lil Baby


Noodah05 and Lil Baby sound like one on “Wild Child.”

Lil Baby can do no wrong in my eyes. I love the songs that he features on, I love his singles, and I love his albums. After listening to “Wild Child” today, I think I love Baby’s new artist, Noodah05, too!

“Wild Child” is yet another grungy trap banger that will motivate you to hustle harder, get it out of the mud, and keep it trill at all times. Though I enjoy how powerful both Lil Baby and Noodah05’s lyrics are on the song, do not sleep on the flows and infectious melodies the two rappers hit us with.

Wild Childs > Proud Boys.


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