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Lil Tjay Tries To Cut His “Losses” On New Single


Lil Tjay


Lil Tjay’s losing streak probably isn’t as bad as the Jets’ losing streak.

I am high on Lil Tjay. In my humbling opinion, he makes music that is impossible to not feel. With that being said, I feel like his last couple of releases have been duds. Today, Tjay looks to turn his 2020 around with “Losses.”

Lil Tjay spills his heart out on “Losses.” Not only does he sing like a dude that just finished cutting a bunch of onions, but he also talks about his rough come-up and his fractured mental. While his performance on the song probably won’t change your mind about his future, it will let you know that he is cognizant of what people think about him.

Give “Losses” a shot below.

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