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Listen To “Swag 3” By Soulja Boy


Soulja Boy

People still listen to Soulja Boy, right?

These last couple of months, Soulja Boy has been inexplicably quiet. My guess is that he is still traumatized by what he saw in jail a few months ago. Yesterday, Soulja decided to return to the music scene with Swag 3, his first major project of the year.

As expected, Swag 3 is awful. Don’t get me wrong, the beats on the mixtape are solid, but at the end of the day, there’s way too much mumbling, way too many blahzay-blahzay lyrics, and way too many discombobulated flows on it.

Can you believe that Soulja Boy is 30-years-old now? (Damn, Jesus will come back to earth in no time)



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