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Lil Wayne – No Ceilings 3: B Side (Album Review)

Lil Wayne kills a few more beats that aren’t his on “No Ceilings 3: B-Side.”





On the real, it’s stunning how Lil Wayne switches between fast flows, somewhat fast flows, and slow flows throughout “Baggin.” S**t, if the song was a manual car, he would blow out its f**king engine.

Wayne plays a relentless drug-dealer, a drug-abuser, a neglectful husband, a porno star, a ruthless boss, and a Lil Uzi Vert doppelganger on “Baggin.” The only person that can say that they played those many roles in their life is Samuel L. Jackson (Samuel has played every role in the book).





For some odd reason, people don’t appreciate “Kacey Talk” as much as I do… After listening to Wayne break the beat on “Peanut Butter,” I expect a lot more people to give the song its proper respect.

Lil Wayne hits us with tricky flows, reused flows, violent lyrics, boasty lyrics, savage lyrics, and sneaky-good punchlines on “Peanut Butter.” He also sings both terribly and not so terribly on the song. (S**t, he is a swiss army knife on this song)

Unusual beats like the one that you hear on “Kacey Talk” are usually the ones Wayne acts like a madman on.





Lil Wayne body ody ody ody ody odys “Low Down.”

“Low Down” is powered by a trap beat that is meaner than your Aunt that always seems to bring nasty-ass Mac & Cheese to holiday gatherings. Over it, Lil Wayne raps like a f**king machine! Not only does he hit us with a remarkably steady flow, but he also spews out braggadocios lyrics, crude-ass lyrics, controversial lyrics, and all kinds of threats in the song.

If a TI-83 calculator could rap, I think it would sound identical to how Wayne sounds on this song.




While Lil Wayne and Drake usually body s**t when they link up, don’t sleep on Lil Wayne and Big Sean’s chemistry. On “Tyler Herro,” their latest collaboration song, Wayne and Sean sound like rap’s version of The Dudley Boys.

Lil Wayne and Big Sean don’t experiment with flows or try to sing on “Tyler Herro;” instead, they rap rawly about smashing enthusiastic women, hitting js, getting statues, and killing beats.

Tyler Herro’s name is now connected to songs by Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and Jack Harlow (What a life that he has already lived).




Lil Baby’s “Sum 2 Prove” beat sounds like it was created for Lil Wayne.

In “Sum 2 Prove,” believe it or not, Lil Wayne sounds like a rapper that has something to prove (I’m such a fantastic writer). Throughout the song, he challenges his chick to a sex fight, he puts hits on folks, and he reminds us that he can’t be touched lyrically.

While Wayne’s lyrics are as intense as an episode of Narcos in “Sum 2 Prove,” I get the feeling that he rapped his verses in his office with his feet on his desk.


1. TYLER HERRO (4/5)

2. LAYAWAY (3/5)

3. LOW DOWN (4/5)

4. THROAT BABY (3/5)



7. POP OFF (4/5)

8. RING RING (3/5)

9. BAGGIN (4/5)

10. SUM 2 PROVE (4/5)

11. THESE HOES (3/5)

12. MY ROOM (3/5)





No Ceilings 3 B-Side is the first sequel since The Terminator 2 to get more respect than it’s predecessor.

Lil Wayne puts on a show on No Ceilings 3 B-Side. Throughout the mixtape, he hits us with the following things: Steady flows, wacky flows, experimental flows, impregnable flows, recycled flows, goofy punchlines, clever punchlines, demented lyrics, violent lyrics, street-certified lyrics, savage lyrics, hilarious lyrics, gaudy wordplay, ugly vocal performances, and not-so ugly vocal performances. While Wayne raps over more recognizable beats on No Ceilings 3: A-Side, I think that he raps over more heinous beats that get him to be his most competitive self on No Ceilings 3: B-Side.

I love that Wayne kept the guest appearances at a minimum on this mixtape. No, you don’t get verses by his kids or random-ass Young Money members; instead, you get damn good verses by Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and Euro.

Which one of y’all said that Wayne lost a step? ( Actually, I think I said that…WHOOPS).

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