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Russ Calls His Woman Out In “Misunderstood”




Russ thinks that he is misunderstood (No way)?

Do you know what I like about Russ? He sounds like someone that generally likes to make music. In the last couple of years, he’s dropped so many songs for free-99. Today, Russ decided to get his 2021 poppin’ by releasing the very smooth “Misunderstood.”

I feel like so many people walking planet earth don’t understand Russ’ personality. Anywho, in “Misunderstood,” the Atlanta-based musician sings soothingly about dealing with a chick that only notices his rough side. Since the song is powered by an instrumental that is both serene and edgy, you get a version of Russ that is emotional, passionate, and slightly disheveled.

When will the world fully appreciate Russ? (I say 2028)

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