Trill Will


Trill Will blesses us with some heat for the summer.

Trill Will is the CEO, executive producer, and head of A&R for SavageLife Entertainment. He’s also an experienced artist that has been around the block once or twice. Trill Will has been releasing music since 2018, getting better as the years go by. In addition to establishing a name for himself, he’s worked with artists such as Lil Durk on a few of his previous songs. Trill Will is the sole artist on his summer release “Bankrupt” where he takes the time to demonstrate his musical prowess.

“Bankrupt” is a hype, get your gains up kind of song. Trill Will raps with a maturity that conveys his experience not only with making music but with the subject matter at hand as well. He specifically calls out “the robbers and the scammers” as the targeted audience at the beginning of the song. What you’re going to appreciate about Trill is that he is not afraid to be true to who he is as a person or artist. You can tell that he’s not pretending, and that authenticity shines throughout this track. The verses are what hold everything together but the chorus is the most thrilling element. It is the catchiest part of the song and will have you bopping your shoulders up and down at the very least. Be one of many to fall in love with “Bankrupt.”

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