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Rod Wave – Soulfly (Deluxe Version) (Review)

Rod Wave adds nine more songs to “Soulfly.”





3. Get Ready

Rod Wave and Kodak Black both spill their hearts out in “Get Ready.”

Do you know what I love about both Rod Wave and Kodak Black? In their music, they always make it a mission to remind us of where they came from. In “Get Ready,” both rappers talk about their rough come-ups and ultimate triumphants. While Rod sings like his life depends on it in the song, Kodak raps with a style that is so laidback, I wouldn’t be surprised if he laid down his verse while laying on a hammock.

I think the hook to this song is atrocious.



2. Already Won

Two ultimate underdogs in Rod Wave and Lil Durk claim their wins in completely different ways in “Already Won.”

If you’ve been following Rod Wave for the last couple of years, you will feel extremely proud of him after you listen to “Already Won.” In the song, he talks about reaching superstar status and reaping the benefits of hard work. Though 95% of his raps are on some positive s**t, the vocals he blesses us with are beyond depressing.

Either Lil Durk didn’t get the memo or the verse that you hear on “Already Won” was stolen from another song because he doesn’t quite stick to the topic at hand. In his lone verse in the song, he talks about the numerous ways he stays out of trouble with his chick. Whatever the case may be, I like the dimension that he adds to the song.



1. Escape

Rod Wave tells the honest truth in “Escape.”

“Escape” is powerful in numerous ways. Not only is the song powered by a very emotional beat, but Rod also sings strongly about how much he has changed and how he hopes to get his closest family and friends to adjust to his new lifestyle. The song feels cold in nature and focuses a lot of its attention on giving you chills.


1. 2019 (3/5)

2. Escape (4/5)

3. What’s Wrong (2/5)

4. Take The Blame (3/5)

5. Get Ready (3/5)

6. Already Won (3/5)

7. Time Heals (3/5)

8. Losing My Cool (3/5)

9. Ion Wanna Hear It (4/5)




I love me some Rod Wave, but if I’m being honest, this project sounds rushed and incomplete. With that being said, the Florida rapper gives us exactly what we music fiends want: extremely dramatic music, melodies you would hear in a hymnal, voicemails, and lyrics that are all about overcoming personal struggles and dealing with fame. If you are a diehard Rod Wave fan, you were properly fed with this project.

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