2 Get You Thru The Rain (EP)

Pnb Rock

PnB Rock blesses us with a six-pack Shakur called “2 Get You Thru The Rain.”

PnB Rock, one of the most slept-on artists in the game today, is back with a new six-track EP called 2 Get You Thru The Rain. Throughout the project, PnB showcases his uncanny ability to switch between a passionate R&B singer and a legit trapper.



2 Get You Thru The Rain is a very versatile EP. You get everything from holy-sounding rap bangers to smooth hip-hop bangers to legit R&B bangers on the album. On the real, PnB does everything you would want him to do on this project.

2 Get You Thru The Rain features guest appearances from Lil Baby and Young Thug.


1. Eyes Open

2. You Got Me

3. ZaZa


5. That’s My Bad

6. Lost U 2 Da Game


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