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Jance Give Us A Personal “Last Dance”

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Last Dance


RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A captivating hip-hop track with commanding deliveries.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based creative, Jance, is a rapper that is unafraid to show off his talents. He initially discovered his passion for music during childhood and was exposed to a variety of genres (He thanks his father’s influence for these discoveries; however, he isn’t excited to follow all the examples). Determined to avoid the typical clichés, Jance brings plenty of innovative ideas forward to prove his talents. He uses no autotune, and he makes sure that each of his songs has a beautiful emotional aspect. His previous works include his 2019 album I’m Never Turning Down Again and singles like “Different Fabrics.” Jance’s latest release is “Last Dance.” He can be found on Spotify and YouTube, where he consistently posts music updates.

Though Jance gets personal on “Last Dance,” it’s clear this isn’t his last song. The new work reflects all he has to offer to a lover. Lyrics like “I know you want some kids, it’s not late we gonna have some” and “I want us to have fun, I want you to show off a wedding ring when you brag” explore Jance’s desires of family, love, and security. Yet, there’s a sensation of loneliness, as if he’s expecting his lover to disappear. So, maybe, for them, it is the last dance. Knowing this, he reminds us to enjoy what we have while we have it. Press play and have a last dance of your own while listening to Jance’s “Last Dance.”

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