Yo Gotti keeps the wise words coming in “CM10: Free Game.”





Honorable Mention. Giving Back

On some real s**t, “Giving Back” is the kind of Yo Gotti track that I really f**k with.

Rappers spitting bars over soulful instrumentals has become somewhat extinct. Really, only Yo Gotti and G-Herbo do it. In my opinion, “Giving Back” is soul-hop gold! Not only do I f**k with the song’s crying instrumental a lot, but I also like how Gotti completely defies what the beat asks for and hurls out verses that are far from gentle, romantic, or touching. Some won’t like “Giving Back,” but I grew up on The Diplomats, so these are the kind of tracks that birthed me.



5. Cold Gangsta

Yo Gotti, BIG30, and 42 Dugg in “Cold Gangsta” = LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade in the 2012 finals.

“Cold Gangsta” has moments in which it gives me club vibes, moments in which it gives me cold street vibes, and moments in which it gives me Bebe’s Kids vibes (42 Dugg sounds 7-years-old in the song). Because the song has so many shades, I am not too sure how much of a commercial success it will be. What I can tell you is that the track is definitely one of the most intriguing bangers on this album.



4. Free Game

Yo Gotti gives out game in the most exuberant way in “Free Game.”

For a good chunk of this album, Yo Gotti delivers game in a very humble way. In “Free Game,” he talks his s**t in the process of giving out game. Throughout the song, he asks for his flowers, calls himself a GOAT, and talks about his cordial relationships with plugs. What I love about the song is that Gotti matches the song’s hard-hitting/triumphant instrumental by hitting us with boisterous deliveries.



3. Ya Bih

“Ya Bih” is probably the most romantic song on this album.

If you have yourself a good girl, make sure that she doesn’t make any future trips to Memphis. In “Ya Bih,” both Yo Gotti and MoneyBagg Yo talk about employing, smashing, finessing, and playing OUR chicks. Though every man in the world should be nervous about the song, at the end of the day, it’s too lit, catchy, and bold to ignore.



2. Ima Show You

Who would’ve thunk that Yo Gotti and Kodak Black would sound so good on a song together?

I just feel like the two rappers have completely different styles. Anywho, “Ima Show You” is a really good track. I f**k with the vintage/braggadocios hook that Kodak blesses us with, Yo Gotti’s real-ass lyrics that revolve around paying homage to the fallen and being a stand-up dude, and the Nappy Roots-Esque beat that the two rappers spit their bars over. All in all, this is the epitome of a golden southern hip-hop track.



1. Bad Behavior

Yo Gotti is in his bag in “Bad Behavior.”

If you don’t get moved by the uptempo/menacing beat that powers “Bad Behavior,” you will certainly be moved by the consistent flows and admirable cockiness that Gotti raps with in the song. If those two things don’t move you, I am absolutely sure you will be moved by the catchy hook. If nothing I mentioned moves you, I recommend that you give up on listening to hip-hop music.


Disc 1

1. Thinking Hours (4/5)

2. If I Ever Thought (4/5)

3. No Matter What (4/5)

4. Strapped In Calabasas (4/5)

5. Palm Tees In Memphis (4/5)

6. Just Left The Hamptons (3/5)

7. Forever Ballin’ (4/5)

8. Crypto (4/5)

9. For The Record (4/5)

10. Last Run (4/5)

11. Free Game


Disc 2

1. Collect Calls (ring ring) (5/5)

2. Giving Back (5/5)

3. Cold Gangsta (4/5)

4. Bad Behavior (5/5)

5. Ya Bih (4/5)

6. Rap Check (3/5)

7. Dolla Fo’ Dolla (4/5)

8. I’ma Show You (5/5)

9. Family Ties (4/5)

10. Show Off Pt. 4 (4/5)

11. No Competition (3/5)




I swear, Yo Gotti is one of the few rappers that I actually listen to when he speaks. His come-up from drug dealer to multimillionaire/MLS owner is beyond impressive. In Free Game, Gotti makes it a mission to let us know how he got his money, what he does with his money, how much money he has given out, and how he makes more money. He also makes it a mission to highlight the difference between being gangsta and just foolish.

This album is long as hell. The good news is this: It never gets stale. Throughout it, Gotti does a good job of spitting truly intriguing bars over everything from soulful to menacing to club-ready beats. He also does a good job of collaborating with a bunch of different artists that complement his style well. While Gotti doesn’t quite hit us with dynamic flows or crazy deliveries, I personally think that you have to appreciate powerful words and beats that you can feel in your soul to give this project its flowers.

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