Appropriately, “Life” is a song with an unbelievable spirit.

Persyx is a Chilean electronic artist that is quickly becoming a fan favorite. What I think listeners will love about him is that he likes to create beautiful/complex musical concoctions that boast house, techno, and pop vibes. With the release of Persyx’s latest single, “Life,” expect his star to shine even brighter.

“Life” might end up being the track that propels Persyx’s music to the next level in Chile. The song features a tempo that will make you move your feet, tons of energy, unbelievable build-ups, futuristic vibes, cultural elements, and a punch that is hard to ignore. Every single moment that the song plays, your heart will pump uncontrollably. With that being said, if you need a track to get a venue to come to life, you may want to play Persyx’s “Life.”

Give “Life” by Persyx a shot below.

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