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Tory Lanez Keeps It Really Real In “It Doesn’t Matter”


It Doesn’t Matter

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is an absolute gentleman in this song.

These last couple of months, I’ve been praising Tory Lanez for his adaptability as an artist. So far, I’ve heard hardcore rap tracks, pop tracks, R&B tracks, afrobeat tracks, and more by him. Today, he decided to add to his list of styles by dropping an Akon-Esque track called “It Doesn’t Matter.”

I don’t think Akon gets enough credit for changing the game. During his prime, he showed the world that an African man can go toe to toe with anyone in the hip-hop/pop realm. If I were to guess, Tory decided to pay homage to Akon with “It Doesn’t Matter.” The song features a hook that sounds similar to the hook the Senegalese legend dropped in “Don’t Matter,” and a gentleness that I believe he thrived operating with throughout his career. Also, the track strips away any semblance of ratchetness; something Akon used to love doing back then.

The only style of music I haven’t heard Tory Lanez tackle is boom-bap.

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