Hypnotized with the Night


There’s no trance music like BlackLight’s trance music (Now say that fast five times)!

Carl Davis (aka BlackLight) is a dance music producer, songwriter, and performer that is based out of Omaha, Nebraska. What you will love about him is that his music boasts high energy and promotes PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect). This year alone, BlackLight has released two fantastic singles that we’ve written articles for: “Bring Me That Feeling” and “I Like It.” Recently, he dropped a single called “Hypnotized with the Night” that I believe might be his best to date.

As expected, “Hypnotized with the Night” will have you under BlackLight’s spell. The song’s exhilarating tempo, mind-numbing sound effects, extremely catchy melodies, and heart-pumping lyrical content (The song is all about putting your guard down and letting loose at a music festival like EDC) will toy with your mind in unimaginable ways. In other words, you will feel like BlackLight is temporarily in charge of the most important buttons in your brain while listening to the track. All in all, “Hypnotized with the Night” is perfect for the summer, nightclubs, and Vegas.

GIve “Hypnotized with the Night” a shot below.