See The Light

Sun Space

Sun Space continues to make hits.

Sun Space was put on this earth to make eclectic EDM music. Though the producer/DJ chooses to keep their identity hidden, their music says a lot about them. Since 2021, Sun Space has released a few heart-pumping/action-packed tracks such as “I Can’t Breathe,” “Tell Me,” and “Thinking About You.” The latest release from the mystery music act is “See The Light.”

“See The Light” is invigorating, futuristic-sounding, robust, and stirring. The instrumental that powers the song has an amazing tempo, astonishing build-ups, wonderful drops, intoxicating synths, and exhilarating vibes. As for the singer’s performance in the song, it is full of passion, infectious melodies, and lyrics that will remind you that lights are usually associated with heavenly visions. All in all, “See The Light” will get stuck in your head faster than the speed of light.

Give “See The Light” a shot below.