Lil Tecca

I truly believe that Lil Tecca is getting better by the day.

Just like you, I love “Ransom” by Lil Tecca. Though there were a lot of lies coming out of his mouth in the song, it was still catchy as hell. Since releasing “Ransom,” I feel like Tecca has been steadily improving on his craft. To be more specific, I believe his melodies are getting better and his lyrics are getting stronger. Today, the New York rapper decided to release “Faster,” a track that I think is easily one of his best.


“Faster” features a hypnotizing beat, great melodies, and some of Lil Tecca’s sliest lyrics. Aside from the song being one of Tecca’s best, I also think it’s one of his crispest (Everything sounds on point frfr).

Tecca always struck me as someone who would get better with age.

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