Game Over

Babyface (Ft. Queen Naija)

Babyface has been linking up with the finest R&B women on the planet as of late (No pun intended).

Babyface will go down as one of the greatest musical minds of all time. Though he can certainly sing his ass off, it has always been his ability to put singers in positions to succeed that makes him special. With that being said, this past weekend, Babyface released “Game Over,” a track in which he sets the stage for Queen Naija to shine.

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In “Game Over,” Queen Naija sings about being fed up with a soon-to-be-ex that has tried to play her more than Madden. Though riled up, Naija manages to still put up a vocal performance that is infectious, graceful, and dynamic. As for Babyface, he plays the sad-ass dude that Naija is talking to.

Has Queen Naija ever been in a productive relationship? She stays whining about someone.