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Listen To “nineteen” by Yung Kayo?

Nineteen (EP)

Yung Kayo

DMV, protect Yung Kayo at all costs.

According to the streets, Yung Kayo is an artist that needs your attention. “YEET,” which appears on his DFTK project from earlier this year, is the one track on his catalog that is gaining him fans quickly. It was Kayo’s “Glitch” track from 2019 that caught the attention of Young Thug and got him signed to YSL records. In honor of his 19th birthday, Kayo released a seven-track EP called Nineteen.

Yung Kayo f**ks with the kind of mind-numbing beats that Playboi Carti and Yeat tend to rely on. Vocally, he gives me Trippie Redd vibes with how he roars his ass off. Throughout nineteen, Kayo slams through tracks like a rap King Kong that just hit puberty. The thing I really like about him over the other young whipper snappers in the game is that his vocals sound clear. As my ears continue to deteriorate, I can appreciate that.

My favorite songs from this EP are “vector,”  “UE,” “i wouldn’t (With Lil Keed),” and “bloom.”


1. vector

2. it work

3. UE

4. 150

5. i wouldn’t (Ft. Lil Keed)

6. bloom (Ft. Jugg)

7. chosen


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