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Jack Higgins Radiates Pure Soul with “Holy”

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Holy (Ft. Fya Man)

Jack Higgins

A sweet, soulful R&B track with heavenly declarations of love.

Las Vegas, Nevada-based musical creative, Jack Higgins, is a singer and songwriter who prefers to be recognized for positivity. With his love for the sweet side of inspiration, the artist hopes to spread plenty of positive vibes with soulful songs. Higgins’s unique style offers a variety of captivating and stylish elements for a striking sound. As a result, he usually finds himself speaking through soul mixed with anything else upbeat; this ensures his music remains a mixing mystery. His work includes tunes like “Stressing” and “Trying So Hard.” These, as well as others, are available on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Jack Higgins’s R&B track, “Holy,” is one of six songs on his 2022 EP, Red Hot Burning Love. “Holy” also features musical artist Fya Man.

These groovy beats gift us a fresh, feel-good fusion of sound. Those great feelings beautifully complement a heartfelt reflection on what romance is really like. Lyrics like “Cause you are the only holy thing my skeptical mind lets me believe in” and “I can’t doubt you, The halo around you lets me know that you’re real” provides plenty of satisfying statements all about pure devotion. Of course, this leaves us longing for a love like it, where we know someone is devoted to us and only us. In a way, we can consider Higgins our lover, with his soulful vocals about love. The magnetic mixture of jazz and hip-hop has Higgins and Man helping us feel loved. At the same time, the heavenly creation provides the perfect atmosphere for anyone in the mood for some steamy romance. So, press play and experience divine declarations of love with Jack Higgins’s “Holy.”

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