Devil and the Deep Blue

Bad Flamingo

A moody alternative rock tune that channels spaghetti westerns.

The ultra-mysterious twosome known as Bad Flamingo is a country-loving duo who stands out amongst any crowd. These mask-wearing musical creatives prefer to keep their real-life identities under wraps. Instead, they’re known as The One on the Left (vocals, guitar, bass, and banjo) and the One on the Right (vocals, banjo, autoharp, and tambourine). Bad Flamingo’s heavily referenced Oscar Wilde quote states, “Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” Some of their past creations include the tracks “Bees Making Honey” and “I Won’t Let You Die Young.” These songs, and others, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Bad Flamingo’s latest drop is the alternative single “Devil and the Deep Blue.”

Similar to many of their other hits, “Devil and the Deep Blue” has many instrumentals and a classic Western sound. At the same time, it’s vivid and has enough of a spin to classify as a little more pop-filled. Lyrics like “After dark watching from the shade / I can step where in the day” and “Hot cruel jungle of the night, and I have waited for nine lives, smoke rising and rising” are strikingly delivered with hauntingly beautiful vocals. There’s an image of a ghost town embedded in the words, and it’s just creepy enough for our enjoyment. So, press play below to get between the “Devil and the Deep Blue.”

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