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Lucky Daye

“Careful” is on the soundtrack to the new Magic Mike movie.

Did you know that I was offered the lead role for Magic Mike a few years ago? I turned it down because I like donuts a little too much. Anywho, this past weekend, what I am guessing is the last installment of the series hit movie theatres. Though I probably won’t watch it, I have played the lead single from the film’s soundtrack, “Careful” by Lucky Daye, over and over again.


This s**t right here is my favorite kind of R&B song! “Careful” sounds riveting, juicy, dramatic, and dangerously romantic. What you’ll find interesting about the track is how Lucky glides through it sounding like a numb individual that is on the verge of reverting back to his old dog ways if his girl messes up his McDonald’s order one more time. All in all, “Careful” moves the needle when it comes to slow-burning R&B music.

Lucky Daye is him.

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