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Wanna Leave The Club

Don Toliver (Ft. Lil Durk & GloRilla)

Finally, a track about the folks who can’t book a chick in a club.

I think that Don Toliver’s Lovesick album is extremely important for him. If he plays his cards right, I truly believe that he can end up being an a-list rapper in the game (No pressure). Today, Don decided to drop the third single from the forthcoming project, “Wanna Leave The Club” with Lil Durk and GloRilla.

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No one in the game is making songs like this. “Wanna Leave The Club” has its hazy moments, its doggy-dog moments, and its “Tear The Club Up” moments. In the first section of the song, over this hypnotizing club beat, Don Toliver uses intoxicating vocals to woo his prey from the club back to his crib, while Lil Durk uses a slick delivery to let us know the kind of chicks he likes to go after. In the second section of the song, things turn up dramatically, as, over a beat that will make you want to do the “Knuck if you Buck” dance, you get mean-ass raps from GloRilla that has her talking about playing her man more than her Playstation. Overall, when you combine the two sections together, what you end up with is a unique club banger that will have high folks swinging at drunk folks.

Don Toliver has a chance at being one of the greats.