Big City Thing

The Scarlet Opera

An alternative single overflowing with feel-good vibes.

Los Angeles-based music group, The Scarlet Opera, is a five-piece rock band that offers their listeners “an escape into the throes of love, lust, glamour, and passion.” The group’s name is inspired by the Scarlet Lettering and is associated with those who are “misunderstood and misrepresented.” The band initially formed as Perta in 2016 before later being reborn in 2022 under their current moniker. As a result, they’ve been rebranded with new goals. The Scarlet Opera is led by lyricist and frontman Luka Bazulka. The other members are Colin Kenrick (keyboard), Daniel Zuker (bass), Justin Siegal (drums), and Chance Taylor (guitar). Their discography is impressive and is on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. The Scarlet Opera’s latest drop is the alternative single “Big City Thing.” The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

This song is a mix of energizing rock, sweet soul, and infectious pop. It goes in many different directions while keeping a very clear message. “Big City Thing” is all about the desire to be exactly what the title describes. Lyrics like “I put my high heels on and I’m outta the house / I caught a Greyhound bus to the city of doubts / And I’m running wild, running wild” and “I just wanna be a big city thing” offer up a lighthearted tale on running off to the city in order to follow your dreams. While it touches briefly on the idea of failure and the stress of trying to keep up just to pay bills, our eyes remain on the horizon. We’re full of hope and spirit while the video gives us the nostalgia we love best. So, press play below and jam out with the “Big City Thing.”

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