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First Sight

Kamal Wilson (Ft. Ramon Cristwell)

An R&B tune about finding your special someone.

Orange County, California-based musical creative, Kamal Wilson, is an artist who started small but has grown immensely. Wilson wrote his first rap song when he was just 11 years old. However, he initially pursued a career in sports before multiple injuries made him reconsider his career path. Eventually, he returned to music. While growing up, the artist was mainly exposed to jazz and R&B. In private, Wilson also listened to a variety of rap music. Being exposed to a multitude of styles inspired the artist to be open when it comes to music genres. Kamal’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Recently, he teamed up with Bay Area artist Ramon Cristwell for the R&B single “First Sight.” The song also has an official video.

“First Sight” is self-described as the melody that plays through Wilson’s head when he sees the girl of his dreams. Lyrics like “Can you sense it . I might fall in love at first sight / The energy is in the air / I mean potentially / If you’re into me as well” and “Let’s take our time, girl / We ain’t in no rush / Hands to the ceiling / If you believe in love” reflect on that falling feeling. There’s a sense of safety, like we know we’ll be safe in that special someone’s arms once we land. So, press play below to get swept up in the “First Sight” of love.

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