Kali Uchis is fantastic in “Red Moon In Venus.”




HONORABLE MENTION. Moral Conscience.

People may forget but Kali doesn’t. Karma is coming for your ass!

In “Moral Conscience,” Kali Uchis reflects on the pain from a past relationship. She blames herself for her ex’s betrayal by questioning whether her childhood trauma or constant need for love pushed him away. Kali eventually realizes the fallout was never her fault; she was the victim. This song is an anthem for any kind of breakup; whether it’s with your ex, friends, etc. Kali proves that you can move on but not forgive.



5. Deserve Me (Ft. Summer Walker)

In “Deserve Me,” Kali Uchis and Summer Walker talk about moving on from their exes and recognizing that they weren’t worth their time.

This song goes in-depth about the grief that comes with a breakup, understanding it takes time to mourn the loss of a relationship; even when it was toxic. My takeaway is that once you close a chapter in your life, you will finally see the truth: Your ex never deserved you.



4. Fantasy (Ft. Don Toliver)

Why did Kali make this banger so short?

This Afropop dance song brings Kali Uchis’s relationship with rapper Don Toliver to the light. In the song, she mentions that she requires all types of love languages; whether it’s touching, compliments, or even being spoiled. Uchis knows she deserves everything from her man, and we love it!


3. Hasta Cuando

Kali went off on this diss track.

With Uchis’s sweet, airy vocals serenading us throughout this song, you could hardly tell she’s dragging her ex and his new girl to filth. Uchis knows she’s above the drama but shows no mercy by taunting the pair over and over again. This is an anthem for bad bitches who live in their ex’s head rent-free.



2. Endlessly

Treat her right and she’ll love you forever.

This uptempo, funk-disco Darkchild-produced masterpiece embraces female worshipping. Uchis knows she’s better than her man’s exes, so once he gets hooked on her, he’ll become addicted. She sends the message that women are the prizes and should be treated with nothing but love and respect.



1.  All Mine

An underrated jam that deserves to be no. 1!

This slow-tempo, R&B track embraces love specifically. Kali respectfully lets people know their relationship is stronger than anyone who tries to break them. Uchis sees love as a positive; especially if you are with someone who not only wants you but loves you unconditionally.


1. In My Garden…  (4/5)

2. I Wish you Roses (4/5)

3. Worth the Wait (Ft. Omar Apollo) (3.5/5)

4. Love Between…  (5/5)

5. All Mine (5/5)

6. Fantasy (Ft. Don Toliver) (4/5)

7. Como Te Quiero Yo (3.5/5)

8. Hasta Cuando (4.5/5)

9. Endlessly (5/5)

10. Moral Conscience (4/5)

11. Not Too Late (interlude) (4.5/5)

12. Blue (4/5)

13. Deserve Me (with Summer Walker)  (4/5)

14. Moonlight (5/5)

15. Happy Now (4/5)




I couldn’t tell you whether this album was worth the three-year wait, but I (Someone who wasn’t a huge fan of Kali Uchis), can say the album deserves a listen. Red Moon in Venus stems from a distinct R&B sound but evolves into a combination of throwback R&B, Latin, hip-hop, and alt-pop. The album gives off a pastel, flowery vibe that embraces Uchis’ message about love of all kinds. 

The guests on Red Moon in Venus flowed naturally with Kali Uchis. While everyone is talented, Kali outshines them all with her amazing vocals and songwriting. If anything, these features will remind people that she truly is a talented musician.

Kali Uchis’s sultry vocals allow her emotions to illuminate. Presenting her voice in an airy tone allows her to capture an alluring, psychedelic vibe. Though Red Moon in Venus consists of a combination of different genres, I do wish Kali added more dance elements to this album because, clearly, “Fantasy” proves her voice blends perfectly with an upbeat, pop sound.

Red Moon in Venus is already a contender for album of the year. Despite all 15 songs barely reaching three minutes, not only do they vividly explore romance, but they also discuss self-love, acceptance, heartbreak, commitment, and honesty. Uchis really forces fans to look deeper into themselves and pushes them to rely on their confidence to see their self-worth. She writes her lyrics with such emotion that anyone who listens to them should feel the rawness and love.

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