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NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa with a caesar is undefeated.

Have y’all been paying attention to what NLE Choppa has been doing as of late? His recent singles, “DO IT AGAIN” and “MO UP FRONT,” have gone crazy on Spotify (I’m talking ’50 million+ streams’ crazy). It’s safe to say that NLE is one of the hottest young artists in the game today. Ironically, he decided to drop a new single called “MO UP FRONT” today.

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“MO UP FRONT” is all about getting what you deserve based on your worth. Throughout the song, NLE Choppa talks about running through bags of money,  dripping harder than a leaky faucet, and carrying problem solvers on his hip. What I think listeners will appreciate is how the Memphis rapper takes full command of the kick-ass beat he is handed, pretty much sounding like a dude that has all the leverage in contract negotiations. In my opinion, “MO UP FRONT” isn’t made for TikTok; it’s made for bosses who need friendly reminders that they are the s**t.

Someone send this track to Lamar Jackson.