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Sadly, “25MIN FREESTYLE” is not 25 minutes long.

Doesn’t it feel like people in high places want EST Gee to have a long and successful career? Not only does it feel like he’s being deliberate with his releases, but it seems like he’s featured on a bunch of albums. Soon, EST will release his highly-anticipated mixtape titled Mad. I expect it to elevate his stature even more. The lead single from the project is “25MIN FREESTYLE.”

In “25MIN FREESTYLE,” EST Gee mainly raps about his rugged come-up full of drug dealing and shootouts. The song features this dark-ass trap beat that probably needs an exorcism done on it. Over the beat, EST Gee literally sounds like he’s been drugged and is trying his hardest to stay awake. His incoherency doesn’t stop his lyrics from sounding trill and motivational.

Give “25MIN FREESTYLE” by EST Gee a shot below.

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