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Same Number

Rated-R Playboy (Ft. Rick Ross)

Walahi, they don’t make tracks like this anymore.

Rated-R Playboy is coming. In the last couple of years, he has dropped some big-time hits with tons of streams. His latest release, “Same Number” with Rick Ross, might end up being his biggest release to date.

“Same Number” is broken into two parts: A smooth part and a grungy trap part. In the former, Rated-R Playboy hits us with tongue-twisting flows and sly lyrics that highlight his cold heart and winning ways. in the latter, Rick Ross hits us with a verse in which he imposes his will, while Rated-R hits us with braggadocios lyrics and more tongue-twisting flows. On the real, the song kind of reminds me of the Walmart version of “Sicko Mode.”

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