Drew Schueler

A captivating pop tune that explores the various aspects of young adulthood.

Nashville, TN- based musical creative Drew Schueler is a rising pop artist, writer, and producer who crafts ear-pleasing tunes you definitely don’t want to miss. The pop artist’s unique creations show off his vocals and songwriting skills with “well-crafted and polished” songs. Some of Drew Schueler’s previous releases include tracks like “Head Start,” “To Know I Hurt You,” and “Best Friend.” Recently he won the grand prize in the NSAI Song Contest. The artist continues to make new music and build his already growing fan base. Drew Schueler’s latest drop is the pop single “20s.”

With an uplifting backdrop of infectious electro-pop beats, “20s” provides the perfect energetic soundscape to complement the track’s introspective reflection on young adulthood. Lyrics like “Spending all of my 20s / Worried bout money / And not liking where I’m at” and “I only get one shot / I can’t take it back, Your 20s are 10 years, And they go too fast” reminisce on the realities of the short-lived experiences of young adulthood. With no shortage of ear-pleasing elements and plenty of relatable declarations about the struggles of being in your 20s, Drew Schueler gifts us a vibrant pop gem with an inspirational message to young adults. So press play and let the words of “20s” motivate you to live each day to its fullest.

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