Daniel Caesar makes his triumphant return with “NEVER ENOUGH.”




Honorable Mention: Pain is Inevitable 

A deep tune that makes you realize pain isn’t a bad thing.  

In “Pain Is Inevitable,” Daniel Caesar reminisces about his childhood, bringing up how things were way simpler for him when he was younger. Throughout the song, he mentions how he wants to change for the better; even if it means experiencing pain. Eventually, Daniel realizes pain is unavoidable, but without pain, he would never be the mature person he is now.

This song’s soothing production combined with Daniel’s introspective words and numb vocals will definitely move you. Matter of fact, I almost cried listening to this s**t.



5. Shot My Baby

“Kill Bill” from a man’s perspective.

In “Shot My Baby,” Daniel Caesar finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him and is understandably feeling betrayed. Instead of accepting his faith, Caesar lets his anger consume him, leading him to kill his ex and the man “who took his place.”  This song portrays how much hurt and insecurity can torment a person.

Aside from the song’s juicy content, “Shot My Baby” also has a rebellious soundscape that blends hypnotizing vocals with mesmerizing guitar play and a beat with a nice thump.



4. Homiesexual (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign)

Daniel Caesar teams up with Ty Dolla $ign to give us this classic R&B record.

In “Homiesexual,” both Daniel Caesar and Ty Dolla $ign seem a little bitter about their exes moving on. They also claim their love is irreplaceable. You’ll love the high-pitched vocals, blunt lyrics, and overall chemistry between the duo. 



3. Let Me Go

One of the best singles Daniel has released this year (Of course, it’s in the top 3). 

“Let Me Go” is the definition of smooth. In the track, which is powered by a slow-burning instrumental that will have your soul feeling like it’s sinking in some quicksand, Daniel Caesar hits us with soothing and slippery vocals that intertwine nicely with his lyrics about accepting and moving on from a relationship that has no chance of being fixed. Though I don’t believe that you can do the Griddy to the track, I do believe that if you’re going through a major break-up, it could finally make you realize that you were doing too much when you tried to throw your exes’ promise ring out the window.



2. Do You Like Me?

The perfect song for the overthinkers in love. 

This acoustic, contemporary R&B song captures listeners with Caesar’s falsetto and his deep, silky vocals. It’s hard to believe that this therapeutic track is about finding out whether someone loves you as much as you love them.



1. Always

This is not a phase. This will ALWAYS remain the best song on this album. 

It’s a fact, this is the best song on the album. In “Always,” Daniel Caesar pleads for his relationship with his ex to stay the same. Lyrically, you get a very vulnerable Caesar; he knows his woman moved on but hopes she comes back so they can be together again; even if it means sacrificing his peace. Sonically, the song captures Caesar’s contemporary, profound R&B sound.


1. Ocho Rios (3/5)

2. Valentina (4.5/5)

3. Toronto 2014 (with Mustafa) (4.5/5)

4. Let Me Go (5/5)

5. Do You Like Me? (4.5/5)

6. Always (5/5)

7. Cool (4/5)

8. Disillusioned (with serpentwithfeet) (4/5)

9. Buyer’s Remorse (with Omar Apollo) (4/5)

10. Shot My Baby (4.5/5)

11. Pain Is Inevitable (5/5)

12. Homisexual (with Ty Dolla $ign) (5/5)

13. Vince Van Gogh (4/5)

14. Superpowers (4.5/5)

15. Unstoppable (4/5)




After Daniel Caesar’s four-year hiatus (why did he take so long to bring another album out?), I would say he released a solid comeback album. NEVER ENOUGH’s main sound is R&B; however, it does go beyond the genre by incorporating various other genres, such as gospel and neo-soul. The album switches between mid-tempo and slow-tempo but stays true to the tranquil, yet gut-wrenching energy Daniel Caesar possesses. Unlike his previous albums, Caesar helped produced most of the songs on this album. That’s not bad for someone who isn’t used to being behind the scenes. 

Though Daniel Caesar is the star of NEVER ENOUGH, I honestly can’t imagine this album with any of the features. Most give us dreamy, emotional performances that fit Caesar’s style. 

Daniel Caesar’s voice is simply a soothing breeze to any listener’s ear. Though it’s his deliveries that set him apart, his ability to provoke fans into feeling his heartache instantly sets him apart. Caesar is one of the few male singers that truly put soulfulness into their work. 

Though I like hearing his deep ballads and contemporary R&B classics, I would’ve loved for Caesar to explore gospel-like sounds even more, because he’s proven with “Let Me Go” that he can body this sound without stripping away his signature soul-stirring sound. 

This isn’t just an album, it’s a platform for Caesar to get personal. Each song represents his journey in coping with heartbreak. Throughout the album, we hear how his heartbreak leads to deeper issues with trust. He reminisces about the days before he was famous. We even see hints of jealousy and confidence, and finally healing by realizing love is an endless cycle and it’s more important to love yourself. Listen to this album because it’s a reminder to take your time, no matter what stage of heartbreak you’re on.

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