Whatever Is Good


A pop gem that inspires us to celebrate the good things in life.

Nashville-based musical creative, Sita, is a singer and songwriter who started in a different industry. This artist found success in advertising in her native New York, singing and writing songs for television. The singer’s move to Nashville was born out of the desire to follow a solo career in music and collaborate with other artists. Sita’s work “is a conglomerate of many genres, with a strong lean towards indie electro-pop.” Some of her previous tracks include songs like “why don’t you come over?,” “All Over Me,” “Shouldn’t Be Sorry,” and “tongue tied.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Sita’s latest drop is the pop single “Whatever Is Good.”

“Whatever Is Good” is euphoric, dreamy, and almost heavenly in the way it keeps us up. The message itself is all meant to celebrate you, as well as everything excellent around us. Lyrics like “Meet me in the dark / Meet me in the stardust / Heaven isn’t far / Heaven’s all around us” and “Celebrate because you’re a / Star catcher / Dream maker / Life saver” offer a joyful reflection. This hit will lift your spirits and remind you of all the good parts of the world without naming every single one.

Give “Whatever Is Good” by SITA a shot below.

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